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Technology to Tackle Covid with Surreytech Vaccination Planner

Having seen the most moderns CNI (critical national infrastructure) fall apart in countries we operate, and seen additional morgues being built, it was been obvious that in Sri Lanka, the outcome would have been no difference if the situation gets worse.

“Vaccination, vaccination, vaccination, social distancing” was the only way to control the spread covid 19 from what we read in science.

As a part of our social responsibility, we responded to the vision and request by DS office team under the leadership of Mrs Himali Rathnaweera 14 days ago put out an online vaccination form, on top of the DS information platform, a complete system developed by us and used in Galle DS for last 2 years.

In this solution we collected appointment related details from Grama Niladari officers as well as online application form and verified against DS records and send a SMS using a Appointment Schedular.

End result was inundated response from people of Galle and our team working with Galle DS team, arranging and loading into vaccination planner tool and a central data cluster which in my understanding never used in Sri Lanka and sending invitations.

Today we have surreytech vaccination platform capable of public registration online as well as load Grama Niladari data, vaccination appointment scheduler, GN officer public verification, Citizen vaccination tracker, citizen analytics and messaging tool which is scaled to serve 17.5 million citizen, possible vaccine candidates, with a rate of 10000 users a minute and ability to message 500,000 messages(Invitation to vaccination) a day at full flow.

This is a proud engineering capability by extending DS information platform. We have already provided the authorities the capability and willingness from us to serve our community FREE for whole country, and we have funded everything by our organisation regardless who claimed the credit .

It was a huge success to Galle DS and people of Galle, and a humble pride to our team and DS team which was a perfect public and private partnership in a common battle with a common enemy.

We have brought home the technology we provided outside Sri Lanka. We leveraged the same technology and scalability used in “UK Track and Trace platform”, but innovated to

Our team to meet local demand without any support from any party other than mrs Himali and team.

We have been advice to take the vaccination tool off from Galle DS due to local operational reasons but we are in a possibility to deliver this to anyone, any DS without a huge cost at this point of time. We will publish the. Online tool details over the week end.

We, who operating in a country here in Sri Lanka with no CNI (critical national infrastructure) nor national public system and Information technology is a decade behind compared to where Surreytech operate, it is an achievement in its own right.