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High Commission System


What is the High Commission system?

We developed a system for Sri Lanka high commission in the UK .Mainly we consider online appointment booking for customers who need to get service from high commission. Our system is a service to customers can use for managing their reservations and get high service from the High Commission. For example, if they want to get a new passport, they can do an online booking and fill the online form, and submitted to the High commission before going to get the service.

System Features of High Commission system

In this system, we are planning and already completed some following processes

Consular services
In the consular services, we cover the following process online 

  • Get new passport 
  • Lost/Damage report 
  • Stolen or Lost Sri Lanka passport 
  • Registration of Births
  • Registration of Deaths
  • Get Dual Citizenship
  • Translation of Birth Certificate 
  • Translation of Marriage Certificates
  • Translation of Death  Certificates
  • Child Adoption Procedure
  • Get Police Clearance Report 
  • Get life Certificate for pensioners 

Online services
In the Online services, we cover the following process online 

  • Apply online services 
  • Book online appointment 
  • Application status 
  • Online payments 

Online payment 
In the Online payment, the client has online payment for their services  such as Get new passport, Lost/Damage report  and etc


High Commission system by Surreytech

The following have some detailed descriptions of the subprocess in the high commission system.

New appointment

Basically, an online booking appointment allows a potential customer to book for a High commission service directly through a website. A customer can book to choosing a date and time to get their service, and they can pay for the booking online. Also, they can pay for the booking online. 

Get new passport (Apply online)

An online get new passport service refers to fill the application form online and submitted over the Internet. These services not only allow customers to submit an application, but they also can attach relevant requirement documents such as birth certification, photographs through the system. 

Application Status

After the client submits his or her visa application online, using a paper form or online form client can find out the status of the application.



Online Payment

The customer has the facility to pay for their service charges online. They can do pay by cash or credit or debit card.


Case view

On the administration side, there is a way to view all case status done by the high commission according to the Case information number. In this process, the admin can review case details, case status view, case status timeline. Also, the client can view the evidence upload list. 


Our system has an admin dashboard for admin .in this process admin can view the total case day today's operation according to complete, pending, cancel, ongoing. Also can view today total case according to service types such as get new passport, lost /damage passport, Registration of birth and etc.


Advantages of system

Online booking always available 

Online appointment booking can do 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can make a booking whenever it fits into their suitable date and time.

Manage Customer easily

This system helps to manage queues and stop customers wait in a long queue. Using online booking customers can book their appointment easily and stop long queues. They can visit the high commission office at the given time by the system. This helps in comforting customers. Satisfies clients will always be the best representatives for any office.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction helps to Increase work efficiency in the office. When using the If the customer can book an online appointment, then reduce wait time. Also, they can get service quickly. Because customer satisfaction is going high.

Staff Satisfaction

Without any long queue to get service inside office reception, the staff is relatively at ease. This makes the staff work in a relaxed environment when they work with customers. If you make staff happy, the office may get more productivity. If staff become unhappy when they work with customers, it makes less work quality. Because staff satisfaction has big effects on customer service.    

Improve Service Quality

If officers can work in a relaxed environment, then management can believe staff can provide good service quality. The situation provided by our system .because it has an Intelligent Queue Management system encourages you to keep a track of staff performance and online appointment booking to make day to day operation easily Also, Management can follow live statistics and get an idea about the day today case handling for specific service. This helps to decrease poor customer service. 

Save customer Time

Clients can book and check their booking information using a computer, mobile device. Also, clients can book online appointments with their most convenient date and time and they can fill the relevant form online. It helps to save wait times for clients when they come to the office to get some service.