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Finding Engineering talents in Sri Lanka rounds COVID19 lockdown


Most challenging for us as an operation in sri Lanka is finding talent to fit our futuristic engineering roadmap. After years of having little luck this time, we went hunting for bring kids to polish and shine them. We  invited for apprentice program 2021  which is underway now. There is a small group now. nurtures with our engineering teams to be next generation engineering leaders.


What is the Skill Gap in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka. is about 5-10 years behind in general compared with India to in some Western countries. Some from University of Moratuwa or Colombo may dispute it. My response asa. CTO is we do not have consistent high calibre. graduates. What we mostly get is highly academic "talkers" oppose to "do-ers" . To further challenge further there is lack of solid engineering, national systems, nor credibility.

What skills are we looking

In our aim to be the best engineering  shop, we look for top end engineering talents

  1. Java, Python, NodeJS and Scala
  2. Messaging Middleware, API microservices
  3. Cuber security, Cloud Security Security engineering and. SRE
  4. Multi Cloud ( Google GCP, AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure.
  5. Big Data, Data Science , Stats and Mathematics , Automation and Cloud Dev-OPS

 How does the Apprentice Program work

You cannot teach someone to swim without  getting into water. What we do is rapid induction and  enabling baseline. skills. Once they meet the baseline skills they are buddied up to engineering teams. They  adopt the project and. delivery pressure, and work independently oppose to traditional spoon feeding. The confidence is the  regular show and tells. and guest speeches. We ensure they meet a graduate standards you find in UK or US by the time they leave the program.

It has been dissapointing that local universities, even institutes with foreign degrees still lacks the cream we look for.

A word for graduates

if you are a graduate in software or engineering, you must use the skills to deliver. No organisation will employ you since you have a degree. They will employ you even without a degree if you know the subject and skills. You will fail in IT/Engineering career if you just get a degree and try to sell the degree. You need to sell yourself.