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Divisional Secretariats in Sri Lanka - changes in last 4 years

Surreytech Sri Lanka built its first digital solution for Sri Lanka for Dickwella DS in 2016-2017. This was the first fully digital platform build with our engineering experience working for UK government digital program. DSIP v 1.0 was in house held system which eventually help Dickwella DS to win the productivity award in 2018.


  • Network was a real pain and network policies were not appropriate for a functioning office
  • Infrastructure and latancy issues
  • Lack if IT literacy and training

Current status

System is still operational but Dickwella is only using part of a full system of 7 department  39 sections, nearly 750 reports in Sinhala, English and Tamil. This was by Mr Ranjitha, former DS in DIckwella.


Comprehensive version 2.3 is in operation in Galle DS since 2019 January


DSIP 2.0

After considerable project time wasted on logistics and networks, in one instance  9 months to a 30 second un-wanted firewall policy, we we ever so determined to fix the issue.

Solution was first adoptation of AWS cloud, automation and API gateways to scale a next generation platfrom. We have heavily utilised Cloud and DEV OPS engineering , keeping in mind, security, cost and sustainability in mind.

Current DS Platfrom comes with following and powered by AngularJS, Java, AWS, Terraforms, APIGateway . We are stabled and serviced using highly available Google Kubernetes technology, and complete product is developed , engineered, managed by Sri Lankan team and using open source software.

Currently we are in a state to power the whole 25000 Sri Lankan Staff for divisional secretariots.

Best example of this is in Galle Four Gravets since 2019 January, with the leadership of Mrs Himali Rathnaweera, a keen champion of transformation.


1) Client Registration

2) Barcode base case management

3) communication using SMS.Email. Social Media and Virtual assistant

4) Complete automation of all department and sectors

5) Appointment booking system

6) Modern CMS WebSite

7) Customer Feedback system 

8) Business analytics with detail case management, progress and status

9) Online applications to fill and submit for customers and staff