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DS Information System


What is DS Information Platform?

DS Information platform is a computer system which has web software for the operations of DS staff, and Divisional Secretariat Management. It is a Secure Digital Software Platform for Office improving productivity. It responds from Surreytech to provide an information platform for public administration operations and reporting of the divisional secretariat.

System Features of DS Information Management System

There are many features of the ds system to drive the Sri Lankan public to the modern digital age and improve productivity without wasting time and training public servants to use this capability.

  • Electronic records of Staff, Public, and their service requests
  • Communication utilities ( SMS, Email, Twitter, team messaging – coming up!)
  • Go paperless and electronic reporting ( Papers, resources & people time)
  • Public Queue management and a token-based service introduced
  • Electronic registration for services, including appointment booking
  • Customer feedback facility which collects how we serve our public and opportunities to improve.
  • Management Analytics, telling how many people we server, How long it took, where are bottlenecks from a day, week, months basis
  • Train and supported by Surreytech Consulting Sri Lanka, who look after the system and provide uninterrupted support
  • Barcode based case management ( Coming soon)

 DS Information Management System by Surreytech

Communication Tools SMS/Emails


The public can book times before arriving (New) 


Customer Feedback is out happiness too


Online Application submission for staff and public services both (New)




Public queue management and counters management




Surreytech provide full content strategy & service

Content creation service

We create content !!!.

We love language and its subtle nuances. And the world of difference that they make between countries and cultures.In Sri Lanka our default web sites are optimised for English Sinhala and Tamil. In Europe we use English, French,German, Spanish and Italian by default.

That’s why you need to do more than simply translate your products or services. You need to take everything that makes your campaign a success at home. Everything that makes your brand great. And then make it work globally. That’s why you need more than just translation. You need creative translation. Which is lucky. Because that’s exactly who we are and what we do.

Our Content Services

  1. Content Tranlation Service
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  3. Content Editing
  4. Content Proof Reading
  5. Typesetting Service
  6. Social Media Content Service
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  8. Video Translation