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Artificial Intelligence

Get up to speed on artificial intelligence and learn how it can help you drive business value with our curated collection of insights, reports and guides.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a aggregation of many different technologies working together to enable machines or computers to sense, comprehend, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence( Mimic human behaviour)). Maybe that’s why it seems as though everyone’s definition of artificial intelligence is different: AI isn’t just one thing.

Technologies like machine learning and natural language processing are all part of the AI landscape. Each one is evolving along its own path and, when applied in combination with data, analytics and automation, can help businesses achieve their goals, be it improving customer service or optimizing the supply chain.

Narrow (or “weak”) AI
Some go even further to define artificial intelligence as “narrow” and “general” AI. Most of what we experience in our day-to-day lives is narrow AI, which performs a single task or a set of closely related tasks. Examples include:

  • Weather apps
  • Digital assistants
  • Software that analyzes data to optimize a given business function
  • Chat Assistance
  • Facial Attendance Systems

These systems are powerful, but the playing field is narrow: They tend to be focused on driving efficiencies. But, with the right application, narrow AI has immense transformational power—and it continues to influence how we work and live on a global scale.


The benefits of AI

There are many ways to define artificial intelligence, but the more important conversation revolves around what AI enables you to do.

End-to-end efficiency:  AI eliminates friction and improves analytics and resource utilization across your organization, resulting in significant cost reductions. It can also automate complex processes and minimize downtime by predicting maintenance needs.

Improved accuracy and decision-making: AI augments human intelligence with rich analytics and pattern prediction capabilities to improve the quality, effectiveness, and creativity of employee decisions.

Intelligent offerings: Because machines think differently from humans, they can uncover gaps and opportunities in the market more quickly, helping you introduce new products, services, channels and business models with a level of speed and quality that wasn’t possible before.

Empowered employees: AI can tackle mundane activities while employees spend time on more fulfilling high-value tasks. By fundamentally changing the way work is done and reinforcing the role of people to drive growth, AI is projected to boost labor productivity.

Superior customer service: Continuous machine learning provides a steady flow of 360-degree customer insights for hyper personalization. From 24/7 chatbots to faster help desk routing, businesses can use AI to curate information in real time and provide high-touch experiences that drive growth, retention and overall satisfaction.

AI is used in many ways, but the prevailing truth is that your AI strategy is your business strategy. To maximize your return on AI investments, identify your business priorities and then determine how AI can help.

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